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Heart Shaped SandwichLooking for a fun way to liven up the lunch box?  School lunches are a busy mom's challenge.  Make it fun and easy with these healthy lunchtime recipes.


Prepare it together.  Including children in the preparation process can be a great way to inspire interest and appetite.  Have your child help you make the sandwich.  This can be a great way to spend time with the little ones and get things done all at once.  If you prefer to make the meal yourself, have them participate in the decision making process.  Let them choose between available ingredients.  Being involved will make them more likely to bring home an empty lunch box.

Avoid a morning marathon.  Sandwiches and other lunch meals can sit quite well in the fridge over night.  Save yourself extra morning stress and prepare the school lunch the night before.  You are more likely to come up with a delicious meal when you have the time to cut the vegetables just right and consider the combination of flavors.

Condiments can be a great solution for picky eaters.  Pack a sandwich full of healthy ingredients and top with ketchup or mustard.  Choose what your child likes best.  The dominant flavor may just do the trick in helping your child consume a healthier lunch.  Vary the condiments from day to day to add interest to the meal. Pickles work well in favoring-up most sandwiches.  For an unusual taste, try adding hummus to the usual lunch meat sandwich.

If chicken fails, go turkey.  If your child is refusing a certain meat or poultry, experiment with alternatives.  They may like turkey more than chicken, or vice versa.  Take into consideration that some meats taste good when cold, while others do not.

Tortilla wraps and pita bread are great variations to sliced bread.  Use the same ingredients you normally would and then stuff inside a pita, or roll into a tortilla wrap and cut into easy-to-handle pieces.  Kids love a meal that is easy to hold and consume.  When sitting with friends at a lunch table with limited time to eat, easy to hold foods are more likely to be eaten and finished. 

Wrap it with love.  Presentation is everything, and when it comes to children, it can make or break a meal.  Invest in plastic containers with fun, kid-friendly designs.  Make sure each item is easy to open and handle.  Many lunch boxes are designed to hold in heat or cold, and may be a great choice for the hot summer and cold winter months.

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