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Roasted Beef SlicesGet ready to upgrade your cooking repertoire.  Holidays and vacation are just around the corner and beef is all the rage.  Serve up a feast with exotic flavors, time-tested techniques and a genuine love for spoiling your guests with the finest cookery.

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Beef dishes have traditionally been associated with wealth and aristocracy, and even today serving your guests a beef dinner is a sign of appreciation and respect.  Treat your guests to an Asian-style stir fry, a gravy-drenched roast, or Italian meat balls in sweet tomato sauce.  Side dishes can be prepared with the meat, or prepared separately and enhanced with the meat juices that run off during cooking.  Serve your guests a meal fit for royalty with the simple and delicious beef ideas below.

Meatballs are a great way to combine beef and sauce in one pot.  Italian meatballs seasoned just right make a wonderful dinner presentation.  The rich aroma of oregano and basil leaves is an irresistible dinner enhancer.   Serve with Italian garlic bread, a pasta of your choice and a fresh, Mediterranean style salad.     

Steak is not only meant for five star restaurants.  You can prepare a sizzlin' masterpiece right in the comfort of your own home.  Marinating the steak for up to 24 hours before cooking allows the spices and juices of the marinade to penetrate the steak and add a great deal of taste and spice to the finished product.  Choose your favorite beef cuts non frozen for maximum flavor and cook on a frying pan or barbeque grill.

Beef Stroganoff is a Russian kitchen delicacy that combines strips of beef and sour cream sauce.  Beef Stroganoff is fairly quick and easy to cook, and makes a great topping for rice or mashed potatoes.  This Russian favorite makes a great pasta sauce.  For Stroganoff purists, a bowl of this sliced beef with plenty of sauce makes for a hearty winter soup.

Burgers cooked right at home provide you with the chance to ensure healthy ingredients and to control the taste. After all, a burger is as simple as a fried meat ball, flattened.  If you are a meatball pro, try your favorite recipe on the frying pan.  You may have to experiment with consistency and ingredients to get the burger parry just right. For extra flavor and spice, add nutmeg, mint leaves, and / or hot chili powder to the meat mix before cooking, or sprinkle cardamom powder on the patties while frying.

Asian fried beef comes in many varieties, from steaks to strips of beef fried with vegetables, the spices and cooking techniques of Asian cooking can turn cow meat into a flavor extravaganza.  Soy sauce, sesame oil and oriental spices are used to create rich sweet and sour sauces and unforgettable presentations.  For a different dinner treat, spoil yourself to an Asian-style beef entrĂ©e.

Fruit-up your beef recipes!  Beef tastes great with fruits and spices, and spices traditionally used to make pies can complement many meat dishes.  The Moroccan kitchen combines beef with cinnamon in many of its recipes.  The Georgians have a popular beef stew that is cooked with pomegranate juice and seeds. In Thailand, beef is cooked with ginger and coconut milk.  No matter what your preference, mixing sweet spices and produce into your beef dishes is an exciting way to bring out unusual flavor combinations.  Happy experimenting!

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