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ChefKosher.comChef Kosher is an Israeli-based recipe site serving contemporary and classic Jewish recipes to readers across the globe.  Ophir Marko, co-creator of the site, discusses the making of and the inspiration behind

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

The two main forces behind Chef Kosher are Ophir Marko and Yaniv Reginiano. While I am in charge of content and marketing, Yaniv brings with him technical skills and a driving force that just gets things done pronto! I don’t know how, but from the moment we decided to begin this venture, it took a little over two months to reach over 500 recipes. We are both students [Ophir at the Technion and Yaniv at Tel Aviv University], and work on the site during pretty much all of our free time.

Other than that, we have several contributors, and we’re always open to anyone wanting to write a guest post on our blog.

What was the inspiration behind creating

Chef Kosher was born, I suppose, about 15 years ago, right about when the internet took off. I lived in the states at the time, and saw that a lot of Jews found it difficult to sustain a Jewish lifestyle. For most people, it was not clear what is and is not kosher, and it became easier to slowly assimilate and loose part of their identity. In some part of my mind, it always bothered me that people were losing a unique part of themselves. So I up and decided to do something about it, albeit several years later!

What can readers find on

The idea behind is to show that cooking kosher can be gourmet, or every-day. You can find your usual pizza recipes, alongside traditional holiday recipes. Personally, the recipes I love most fuse tradition with contemporary, such as our recipes for sufganiyot or hamantaschen.

If you could summarize Kosher cooking into one quote, what would it be?

This one had me for a while, I admit. I don't think any one quote could summarize ChefKosher, but I can give you a piece of advice I offer any-and-everyone: There are no cooking directions, only guidelines. You can only get so far before you have to start listening to your intuition. Sure, cooking and baking involve a lot of chemistry, but science alone isn't enough. And I say this as a Physicist!


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