Fast Recipes Feature: Forno Bravo Wood-Fired Ovens for the Home

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Fast Recipes Feature: Forno Bravo Wood-Fired Ovens for the Home
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Forno Bravo Wood-Fired Ovens for the Home

Founded in 2004, Forno Bravo has quickly grown to become a leading worldwide provider of wood-fired ovens for house and garden, caterers, bakeries, and restaurants. Forno Bravo has strong relationships with Italy’s producers of pizza ovens, oven tools, accessories and pizza ingredients, and we make these world-class products available to our customers around the globe. See our website for the Wood-Fired FAQ and the Forno Bravo Forum for more information.

Interview with James Bairey, Founder, Forno Bravo
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What kind of ovens do you sell?

We sell wood-fired ovens for both residential and commercial environments.

For homeowners, Forno Bravo provides residential pizza ovens in a wide range of sizes and styles to meet virtually any homeowner requirement. Our residential ovens are available in two basic formats:

(1) Fully assembled ovens (Primavera, Toscana): assembled and fully finished ovens that are ready to go – just set the oven in place and light the fire; and

(2) Modular oven kits (Casa2G, Giardino, Artigiano, Premio): everything you need to assemble your own custom pizza oven, including the oven chamber and vent, dome and floor insulation, mortar, chimney and cap, door, and thermometer (homeowner provides stand and enclosure).

On the commercial side, Forno Bravo provides the Modena series pizza ovens in wood and gas/wood combo versions, both in four sizes, in three different formats. In fact, there is a Modena oven for just about any restaurant requirement! Package options include the fully assembled Modena oven, the Modena kit (a “knocked-down” version for restaurants with limited forklift, pallet jack or crane access) and the Modena core (the functioning core of the oven that allows the restaurant to customize the stand and enclosure).

What are the advantages of using a wood-fired oven?

Where to begin!? Cooking in a wood-fired oven is one of life’s true pleasures. From my perspective, few things compare with the experience of firing your own oven, watching the flames heat the oven dome, feeling the heat of the oven on your face, and then cooking some of the world’s best pizza, bread and roasts. I invite you to visit our website’s Cooking/Recipes section where we have built a catalog of recipes created specifically for brick ovens. We feature great chefs, bakers and food writers who share our passion for brick-oven cooking!

A wood-fired oven quickly becomes the focal point for family entertaining and even weekday cooking. The unique environment makes wood-fired cooking unlike any other type of cooking. In fact, we know pizza oven owners who say they have not lit their propane grill since they installed a wood-fired oven!

Could you tell us about the level of quality of your ovens?

At Forno Bravo, we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality ovens and other products at great prices. We’re confident we sell the world’s best pizza ovens. Why? Our ovens are constructed using a sophisticated refractory material that delivers dramatically better oven performance than alternatives (often built using old-fashioned “Tuscan clay” refractory and vermiculite insulation). Forno Bravo uses high-alumina, high-purity, high-density refractories, compressed and kiln-fired firebrick floors, and space-age ceramic insulation to create the world’s most sophisticated ovens. Simply put, it’s “high-tech meets the 2,000-year-old brick oven!”

And unlike some other producers that use inexpensive, lower-grade materials for their residential ovens – but high-end material for their commercial ovens, every Forno Bravo refractory oven uses commercial-grade materials. This is very important to oven performance, providing the fastest heat-up times and excellent heat retention.

What can one bake inside a typical Forno Bravo oven?

Most people immediately think “bread and pizza” – which are certainly wonderful items to cook in a Forno Bravo oven! But there are definitely a number of other foods you can prepare in the oven. The characteristics that make a wood-fired oven excel at Vera Pizza Napoletana pizza and bread also make it ideal for cooking roasts, poultry, potatoes, vegetables, fish and more.

The fire in the oven environment that simultaneously cooks the top and bottom of a pizza is perfect for appetizers and tapas, while the oven’s ability to retain heat enables you to slowly cook beans, soups and stews. You can use stainless steel, terracotta, and cast-iron pots and pans in a wood-fired oven to obtain a wide range of cooking effects. For those interested in learning more about the near-limitless options, take a look at our Cooking/Recipes website sections for ideas.

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