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Fast Recipes Feature: Forno Bravo Wood-Fired Ovens for the Home
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Does one’s home need to have certain features in order to accommodate a Forno Bravo oven?

For an outdoor kitchen, all you need is a flat spot in your garden. The Primavera60 oven is not much bigger than a gas BBQ (although it weighs a lot more), and it can be set on a simple concrete slab or a patio. For the larger Primavera70, you can build a custom oven stand or a BBQ island to hold the oven. If you are interested in installing a larger oven, such as the modular Casa2G series or the fully assembled Toscana series, you will need a larger space that can accommodate the larger stand and enclosure.

For indoor installation, you need to use a Listed UL103 chimney system, which directly connects to the pizza oven, and provides a range of components including pipe sections, a spark arrestor, angles and brackets. Our support team will walk you through every step and provide recommended resources. Each oven comes with specific instructions, suitable for a DIY homeowner or contractor.

How are the ovens delivered? Are the ovens difficult to assemble?

We ship our ovens by truck. The oven, packed in a secure wooden crate, is shipped Curbside Service, where it is placed at the curb of your home (or business) by the shipping company. Of course, if any part of the oven is damaged during shipping, we will replace it quickly, free of charge. Our modular ovens, hearths and stands can be moved and set in place by two people. Our preassembled ovens require a forklift or other mechanical means for movement and placement.

As far as assembly, we have worked hard to simplify the installation process, both for indoor and outdoor ovens. In the past, installation was beyond the scope of even experienced hobbyists and required the skills of a professional builder. Now, with our specialist installation products, including our prefabricated hearths, stands and pre-assembled ovens, we are making wood-fired cooking accessible to everyone.

Our residential fully assembled ovens are perfect for those homeowners who don’t want to worry with onsite installation at all! With the Primavera and Toscana series, you can just set the oven in place and fire it. We say these great ovens come “ready-to-cook!”

As the name implies, our modular ovens arrive in pieces and do require onsite installation. The modular kits are more flexible and allow the homeowner to build a custom enclosure as part of an overall outdoor kitchen design.

We are committed to making installation easy, so every Forno Bravo oven comes with unlimited e-mail and telephone support covering installation and use. Installation is not difficult, and we can help you through it – even if you do not have a lot of building or masonry experience. View the installation animation to see how easy it is.

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