A Recipe For Success: Le Cordon Bleu

A Recipe For Success: Le Cordon BleuLe Cordon Bleu has a reputation in the culinary arts world that is close to legendary.  With 15 locations throughout the world, including culinary capitals such as London and Paris, Le Cordon Bleu offers flexible location with experienced faculty and rigorous, comprehensive Culinary Arts programs.  Chef Kirk Bachmann, Vice President of Academics at Le Cordon Bleu, shares valuable advice for prospective culinary arts students.

Can you tell us about the programs being offered at Le Cordon Bleu?

Le Cordon Bleu offers both certificates and degrees in Culinary Arts, Patisserie and Baking and Hospitality & Restaurant Management.  These programs blends demonstration classes with hands-on, practical courses in professionally equipped, industry-current kitchens. As part of our dynamic programs, students have the opportunity to learn time-honored cooking methods and prepare an array of classical and contemporary dishes. In addition to the practical application of skills and techniques, students will have the opportunity to learn the theoretical and managerial skills necessary to excel as leaders in the field.

What is the learning atmosphere like at Le Cordon Bleu?

Students at Le Cordon Bleu receive one of the most intensive, practical, and comprehensive training programs available – in a caring, student-centered environment.  Understand that the best education is one that mixes a proper dose of hands-on practical skill development in harmony with a learning environment that promotes collaboration and engagement. What we see on TV is not always accurate or realistic. This also goes for the internet, movies and magazines. As a matter of fact, you could apply this advice to just about anything in life.

My most sincere advice to young culinarians is to always remain focused on your dreams and don’t be discouraged by small bumps in the road.  Becoming a Chef or culinary professional is challenging, but extremely rewarding.  If you are diligent and work hard, your dreams will become reality.
Our Chef instructors and students put on jackets and toques each day.  To cook, to educate, to learn and to share continues to be our common focus.  We remind ourselves each day of the passion that brought us together.  

When anyone asks me “What does Le Cordon Bleu mean to you”, it is quite an easy response.  Le Cordon Bleu and culinary education in general represents the foundation of our culinary history.  It represents our past, our present and our future.  As a cornerstone is to a building, so is Le Cordon Bleu the foundation of what we offer to aspirant young cooks and apprentices.  Using the past to influence the future creates this foundation of education, cooking and assistance to fellow Chefs. 

What do you think students most enjoy at Le Cordon Bleu?

A culinary education is a graduate’s passport to the world.  There are many factors that will influence and dictate the future of culinary professionals.  Sound judgment, skill development, dedication, passion and pride are extremely important components of success in this industry.  Whether graduates are part of the frenzied activity behind the scenes working on a hot line or whether your function is to create a serene and hospitable atmosphere in the “front of the house”—people/guests will come to them with the joyful anticipation of being pampered, nourished and revitalized.

In my opinion, students most appreciate the networks they develop and life-long friendships they nurture while in school.  Through their migration from classroom to industry, I believe that knowing that Le Cordon Bleu contributed to forging their most pleasant and indelible memories represent our lasting reward and unique legacy. Le Cordon Bleu has opened the door and our students, with unselfish commitment and passion, look to very bright futures.  As professionals, this is who we are and this is what we do.

What do you feel makes Le Cordon Bleu better than other culinary arts schools?

In a word – faculty!  The experienced faculty and staff that comprise the Le Cordon Bleu family are committed to ensuring that our students get the most from of their educational experience. Our obligation to them goes well beyond simply teaching a subject. In addition to the exemplary education that students receive in the classroom and kitchen laboratories, our students are afforded the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities as well.  Through active engagement in student clubs, guest lectures by local and national chefs as well as continuing education sessions with Le Cordon Bleu International chefs, our students are provided the tools needed to become the future leaders in the industry.

Our students often remind us that their dreams have become reality due to the dedication of Le Cordon Bleu teachers, chef instructors, student services coordinators and others.  Through a series of learning events and experiences, our students discover that our dedicated team of educators uniquely understand and respond to their desires to become skilled and confident in their chosen field.  This sense of accomplishment is something that so many students proudly speak about when they recount their time at a Le Cordon Bleu Colleges of Culinary Arts. 

What employment assistance and career services do you offer to your graduates?

We offer the same services to our graduates that we offer our current students – job leads, interview assistance, resume review, etc.  We track our unplaced graduates and proactively contact them and actively assist them with their job search.  We also reach out to graduates who are employed to let them know about upcoming events, such as career fairs, alumni events, and new products such as optimal resume.  We will not turn any graduate down who seeks our assistance looking for a job.


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