My Recipe - My Heritage Scholarship

Fast Recipes is a proud supporter of higher education.  The Fast Recipes scholarship competition was established to assist students studying in the US with tuition costs.

Submission Process:

Please note that each participant may submit only one essay. 

Eligibility:  Both US citizens and foreign students currently attending a US college, university, or another institution of higher education are eligible to participate.  Scholarship participants will be asked to create a student site or blog that is hosted by the student's school with a link to Fast Recipes.  Scholarship winners will be asked to present additional proof of attendance prior to receiving the scholarship award.

Topic:  The essay should explore the place culinary traditions hold in one’s cultural/ethnic identity.  The essay should include a favorite recipe that is of great personal significance.  Essays may feature actual or fictional events, as long as both are historically accurate.  Essays should display good knowledge and familiarity with one’s heritage.  You may wish to discuss one or more of the following:

  • Childhood culinary experiences
  • Culinary traditions as a means of cultural preservation
  • Culinary traditions as a testament of environmental and political hardships/influences on a nation or ethnic group
  • The effect of emigration on traditional cooking techniques
  • The effect of globalism on traditional cooking techniques

Essay Format:  The essay should be 300 to 700 words in length.   Entries should display good grammar and spelling.  Essays should read like a newspaper editorial.  Creativity of style and form are encouraged. 

Judging Criteria:  Well-written essays that comply with contest rules will be published online as anonymous entries.  A decision will be made once the first 200 eligible essays are received. will retain the copyright to all submitted material.  Finalists will be selected based on the decision of our panel of judges and the amount of traffic the published essay page receives. 

Deadline:  The contest will be closed for additional entries once the first 200 essays are received.  Winners will be announced within 8 weeks after the last entry has been submitted. 

Once the scholarship closes to further submissions, an announcement will be posted on this page.  Those students that are working on essay submissions at the time of the closing will have 30 additional days to submit their essays.  This will ensure that all students working on scholarship essays will have the opportunity to compete for the award. 

We will not be able to respond to email inquiries regarding the amount of essays that have been received so far and when we expect the 200 spots to be filled.  Please check this page for updates on the scholarship closing period.

First Place: one prize of $1500
Second Place: 2 prizes of $750
Third Place: 3 prizes of $500
Winners will be announced online and will be contacted via phone and email.

Submission Process:

Step 1: Write the essay.  

Step 2:  As part of the verification process, entrants are asked to place a link to Fast Recipes from their student website or blog, which should be hosted by their college/university.  Pages hosted by sites other than the student's school website will not be accepted.  Students that do not have a student site can create one for the verification step.  The link should be placed on either the homepage or the site menu/blog roll.  Please use the following code for the link:


<a href="" title="Easy Recipes">Easy Recipes</a>


Students that currently run a student webpage or blog are encouraged to participate.  Those that do not currently have a webpage or blog should check with their college/university for availability.  No other form of verification will be accepted.  The link must remain in place until the scholarship closes to further submissions.  The page on which the link appears must be part of the student site and available to the public.  Sites that require a password or registration to be viewed will not be accepted.

Due to the lack of resources, Fast Recipes staff will not be able to assist students with website creation and/or link placement.  Students are advised to contact their college/university IT department or other personnel for assistance.  We strongly advice all students interested in submitting an essay to check if their college/university hosts student sites and allows link placement prior to writing the essay.

Step 3:  All entries should be submitted via the online submission form: 

Submit your article

Please note that each participant may submit only one essay.  Please include the URL to the required verification link (see Step 2 above) at the end of the essay.

Entrants that pass the initial stage of selection will be contacted via email.

Nondiscrimination Policy:
Fast Recipes is committed to offering equal opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, gender, disability, country of origin or ethnicity, or marital status.  The policy applies to all stages of the scholarship process. 



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