Meet the Staff covers news and trends in the culinary world.  An online culinary arts publication and cooking community, aims at empowering cooks across the country with techniques and recipes for quick, wholesome home cooking.  From a large database of community-contributed recipes, to food and culinary history, to guides on quick-cooking techniques, presents material to enlighten and inspire home cooks and food lovers, and contribute to a well-informed, responsible society.

Irene Shalom, Senior Editor
Irene Shalom has an extensive editorial experience for both online and print publications.  Having traveled and lived on three different continents, Irene has a first-hand experience with various culinary cultures and traditions.  Irene is a firm supporter of cultural preservation in the field of the culinary arts.

Laura Ajzen, Food Writer
Laura Ajzen is a food writer, restaurant reviewer and cook. Laura writes reviews for online restaurant guides and works in the Italian Restaurant Pronto as a cook.  Laura studied journalism in London.

Cecilia Ankler, Contributing Writer
Cecilia Ankler has a degree in Gastronomy and holds private cooking classes in her Fair Lawn, NJ home.  Cecilia joined the team with the desire to share her expertise and love of cooking with Fast Recipes readers.

Matthew Medina, Contributing Writer
Matthew Medina specializes in the field of Historic American cooking.  Matthew holds a degree in journalism.  Prior to joining Fast Recipes, Matthew was a contributing author to local New York publications. He has written numerous restaurant reviews and advice columns on healthy eating in the New York area.

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